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Closure date: Tuesday afternoon, Saturday afternoon, Sunday and public holidays. 

Visiting our clinic by appointment is preferred in order to provide the highest quality eye examination. Don't hesitate to call our clinic if you have urgent eye discomfort. We also accommodate walk-in patient visits.

Clinic specialties

Our vision is the most important of all our senses. To protect your precious eyes and keep them healthy, our team has the latest technology and comprehensive experience in ophthalmology. It's our great privilege to make sure you feel comfortable while recovering.

Watery eye

Sasaki Eye Clinic specializes in the treatment of watery eyes.

Dr. Sasaki has developed a tear drainage endoscope that is used to explore and treat the lacrimal drainage lumen since 1998. In addition to this, he has also been published in multiple internationally renowned medical journals, including the American Journal of Ophthalmology, Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology and Clinical Ophthalmology since1999.


Glaucoma is the primary cause of blindness. 
Depending on the severity, we perform outpatient surgical procedures.


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